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This small nation of just ten million people is one that you will want to visit again and again for a luxury vacation. From fine Hungraywines, thermal spas to bird life and wildlife, Hungary has something for everybody. So if you want to be a part of the luxury that is synonymous with Western Europe, with a Magyar feel and at half the price, then Hungary is the place for you.

Budapest with its hip culture and is not the only place to visit in Hungary. There are beautiful Baroque towns with their castles and fortresses. Lake Balaton with its inspiring view and scenery, the Great Danube River and the Vast Great Plains are also worth a visit. Rich in history, culture and modernity, Hungary is any travel enthusiast’s dream destination.
The best time to visit Hungary is in the spring; the months of May and June are wet and the best time to visit. July, August and September are the summer months. Winter should be completely avoided, as the whole country is cold and damp and dull.

Being a tourist in Hungary, you will get all the help you need as the people are friendly and always have a smile on their faces while helping a lost tourist or advising on the best places to eat at.

Budapest - One of the main attractions in Hungary is the hip and charming combination of two cities, Buda and Pest, which are situated on either side of the Danube River. While in Buda, you must visit the Gellért Hill, which allows you the most magnificent view of the city with its rivers and mountains. Citadella on the Gellért hill is a famous fort that houses the popular Gellért baths. The Royal Palace, the Historical Museum of Budapest and Halászbástya and the great Mátyás templon have to be on the must-see list. The Hungarian National Museum with its priceless treasures is in Pest and must be visited. Other places to visit in Pest are Belvárosi Templom, the museum of Fine Arts, the Ethnographic museum and Margaret Island.

The Danube - People come to the Danube Bend Upstream for relief from the heat and humidity of Budapest. Szentendre a quaint old town is another place to visit while in the Danube area. Museums like The Margit Kovacs museum, The Béla Czóbel museum, The Serbian Museum for Ecclesiastical history and the Ethnographic museum are all worth a visit too. Visegrád a sleepy 15th century summer getaway is another place to visit. Hungary’s largest Basilica, Palace ruins, the Museum of Stronghold of Esztergom and the Christian Museum of Esztergom should be visited while in the region of Esztergom.

The West and Lake Balaton - If you are at Lake Balaton, you must visit Sopron, the Firewatch towers, Storno house and the Gargoyled Church of St Michael, the towns of Szombathely, Zalaegerszeg, Székesfehérvár and Köszeg. For some fun in the sand and sea visit Siófok. Hévíz is Europe’s largest thermal lake and for other medicinal springs visit Balatonfüred.

The Great Plain area - While in the Great Plain area do not forget to visit the Kiskunság National Park, Katona Jozsef Museum, Szeged and the Hortobágy National Park.

Things to do:

Wildlife - This is a big activity in Hungary, as Hungary has nine national parks and almost a thousand protected areas. Those interested in hiking can venture up the mountains in the north and northwest region of the country.

Fishing - The Tisza River is great for fishing especially for carp, bream, pike, trout and tench.

Spas - Budapest itself has more than a hundred thermal springs and fifty medicinal pools and baths. Spa and bath culture is one that is centuries old in Budapest.

Staying in Hungary
Staying in Hungary is not an expensive affair. You can stay at any of the numerous small luxury hotels, at great prices. Though a large majority of luxury resorts can be overcrowded during the summer, a trip during the summer is completely worth your while. Since Hungary is landlocked, it would be difficult to visit on a luxury world cruise. Even though Italy is fairly close in geography it would be impractical to try to visit while even on one of the lengthiest stopovers on a luxury cruises

Hungary has a huge assortment of wines, thermal spas, wildlife and luxury travel possibilities that every travel enthusiast should enjoy at least once.

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