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Disney Cruise Lines

Disney Cruise Line is not only for the young, but the young at heart. AMT American Express Travel rates Disney Cruise Line as one of the most distinctive and easily recognizable cruise lines in the world. The Disney Cruise Line is one of the most unique cruise experiences, despite being one of the smallest and newest, having only begun in 1998. Call Now 1-800-999-2599

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Disney cruise line is like an all inclusive hotel. Disney Cruise Line is the first line specifically created to attract first time cruisers by designing ships that offer what non-cruisers across the country have said they want: spacious accommodations, fabulous entertainment, memorable meals, and activities for all ages. This is one reason Disney Cruise Line is experiencing an increase in the number of multi-generational families. American Express Vacation clients who are choosing to cruise are bringing along aunts, uncles, older brothers, sisters, grandparents, cousins and friends who don’t have little children of their own.

Kids are thoroughly entertained, adults are pampered and families unite to create a lifetime of magical memories. There's swimming, snorkeling, sailing and kayaking, a bountiful mid-day barbecue and more. But American Express Travel reminds its clients that this is not exclusively a family experience. For adults who travel without children and love all things Disney- Disney Cruise Line is a new way to experience the magic.

Through American Express Travel, and Disney Cruise Line people of all ages and experiences can choose a different way to vacation with Disney, outside of the theme parks. Plus, there are itineraries to several different destinations, taking the Disney ships to various parts of the world, and thus providing new audiences with immersive Disney experiences.

Services aboard the Disney Cruise Line includes turn-key entertainment, edutainment programs, theatrical production shows and more. American Express Travel families will delight in a special club with hilarious game shows, karaoke and activities, plus a family pool and deck parties. Special touches, such as split bathrooms, even in small cabins, and high tech services like the parental pagers are two of the many design features that set Disney Cruise Lines apart from other cruise ships.

Mickey Mouse and Cinderella’s Castle are known throughout the world, and Disney Cruise Line is rapidly gaining the same stellar reputation. If you think that a Disney Cruise Line is just for kids, you're in for a surprise. The Disney Wonder offers activities for adults, children and families that further enhance the personalized vacation experience that American Express Cruise clients have come to expect.

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